Alex Wright

  • 24th January 2016

Alex Wright is an audio visual artist and film maker. Part of the Bristol based Limbic Cinemea collective, he has been creating film and video based art works for over 10 years, most of that spent based in Bristol after studying film at Falmouth College of Arts. Most of his work is music based, providing bespoke live video performances for night clubs and music festivals, but also specialising in generative and interactive installation pieces. After several years working solo/freelance he formed the moving image co-operative Limbic Cinema together with Toms’ Newell, Price and Buttery. His work often uses found footage and the common link between many of the subjects explored is the notion of a system or systems. Be that a system of memory, or an ecosystem, or an economic system, or finding a pattern in an otherwise random system, he likes to explore how and why things function or don’t function. Alex is working on the seed idea – Sentient City.