Core Team

Will Raybould – Communities Co-coordinator

  • 20th January 2016

Will is a researcher and historian specialising in heritage, community engagement and histories of identity and colonialism. He is also a communications specialist and digital content writer for a number of organisations and businesses.

Having taught history for several years at the University of Bristol, where he specialised in the history of empires and colonialism, Will decided that he wanted to engage with wider audiences about heritage, the past and the world around them. Since moving into the arts and heritage sector Will has worked for a UK-wide exhibitions company as well as on a number of projects focusing on local cultural and social histories of Bristol. These have ranged from the SS Great Britain to Alfred the Gorilla, the relationship between Bristol and hot air ballooning, producing a map of the city’s historic pubs and Part Exchange Co’s Earthed residency in June 2014. Will will be working across the engine house seed ideas to support the community engagement and history and heritage aspects of each project.