2 Days of Ideas Development!

Rachel Aspinwall, Part Exchange Co & The Engine House’s Artistic Director reports back on early days Future Tourist activity.

The creative team on Future Tourist met to explore ideas in the ‘real world’ for the first time on the 7th and 8th of November at The Station in Silver street. Artists meet creative technologist – who also happens to be an artist – causing creative sparks that fuelled an incredibly intense and interesting two days development of ideas. Tim Kindberg not only knew something about pretty much every technological question we asked him but he has also conducted experiments into ethics and privacy issues that data mining throws up, something that is central to the theme of the peice as we curently see it. By the end of the two days we had worked out a rough draft story line and journey for the piece, envisioning real, imagined and virtual components woven together to create our future city. Our next step is to think through how we can use the great opportunity of doing a little something at Protoype on the 17th of November to develop the peice further. What is sure is that we have high hopes for the peice having a real contribution to make to the growing debate about the impact of technology and data mining on all our lives – albeit through an imaginative theatrical leap into a future world where things aren’t quite the same….

Anita Sullivan gets sticky with storyline at the end of 2 days of ideas development for Future Tourist.