The Earthed Project

The Earthed Project is an initiative that aims to create processes and events that connect people and planet through physical discovery and artistic creation.

Each project draws on the stories, memories, information and resonances of a green site as its starting point.

A creative team including an environmental artist, a writer and a natural history and heritage facilitator, work with participants bringing experts, specialists and passionate lay-persons together to explore and discover their site, pool knowledge and experience, then shape and form creativity depending on each situation and its resources.

These could be installations, earthworks, new writing and green storytelling, community site celebrations or even a permanent piece of land art.

Whatever the timescale or physical outcome, the aim is to transform and deepen our relationship to nature, to ourselves and to each other.

If you are interested in commissioning an Earthed event and would like to find out more please contact:

This is an Engine House seed idea developed with support from Arts Council England.

[Image of earthwork Sultan the Pit pony by Mick Petts, photo by Steve Brockett]