Melting Pot

‘Thank you for hosting a delightfully creative journey together’


The Melting Pot is a fun and practical workshop for writers and artists from across the art forms to meet, share artistic practice and approaches for collaborative working with a particular focus on getting inspired by sites.

Devised by the company as a means to engage more widely with artists and sites not specifically linked to our projects, sessions are documented and any inspirations, discoveries and learning is shared on our website as part of the Engine House area of our work.

We have found it’s a great way to meet potential future collaborators too!

‘What a great day! Lots of fun exercises and a fascinating insight into the space. Great to get to learn and use knowledge in a creative way!’

Whether you are a seasoned collaborating writer or artist, or are interested in branching out from your usual practice for the first time, all you need to come along to these sessions is the desire to extend your artistic horizons.

‘Really good play space. Would love to collaborate in any future performance work!’

You can see documentation from previous Melting Pot sessions here.

If you are interested in booking a Melting Pot session please contact: