The Strange World of Urban Exploration

We’re developing our Sentient City project, celebrating and revealing forgotten and hidden away buildings and spotted this article in the Guardian, have a read, exciting stuff!

Losing the Earth’s Languages

This incredible article from The Guardian demonstrates the deep links between ecological diversity and cultural diversity, examining the loss of languages in relation to shrinking habitats and the necessity of a healthy biosphere to assist healthy cultural output.

Seed Ideas – Sentient City

Sentient City expands on an original concept devised by Part Exchange Co in 2011 for its performance event, Drive in Deco; – that buildings are sentient, absorbing and retaining significant changes and events in their own lifetimes as well as being repositories for the stories and experiences of the humans who have used and loved them.… Continue reading Seed Ideas – Sentient City

Super Everything – Inspiration for Sentient City

Tom Lumens shared this piece as the pinnacle of the audio-visual-narrative artform. ‘This type of live cinema shares similarities with much abstract art, in that it gives you motives, snippets and elements and you create your own narratives or meaning from it.’ It’s this style of work that the Sentient City artists can use to… Continue reading Super Everything – Inspiration for Sentient City

Floods Unearth Forest Myths – Earthed

4,500 year-old trees were revealed in Cardigan Bay following the incredible winter storms, giving rise to physical evidence which links to the legend of the lost city of Cantre’r Gwaelod. This news item directly fed into our thinking regarding how a myth based narrative coud be spun around the appearances of physical aspects of that mythology in the… Continue reading Floods Unearth Forest Myths – Earthed

Edward Snowden Talks Data Collection – Future Tourist

In days gone by the US government used to go to a judge, outline a case and receive permission to investigate an individual by tracing their data. Now, they’ve decided it’s a good idea to collect everything from everybody before that even happens. Beginning with the administration’s initial reaction to ‘circle the wagons’ around the NSA… Continue reading Edward Snowden Talks Data Collection – Future Tourist

Seed Ideas – Earthed

Rachel Aspinwall, Part Exchange Co and The Engine House’s Artistic Director writes about the seed idea and explains what inspired its inception. Earthed is a project to create a new earth sculpture on an epic scale on a piece of land in Bristol and for its form to emerge through exploring the stories, myths and folklore of… Continue reading Seed Ideas – Earthed

Text and Technology – Beating Out Language

We were shown this by one of the Engine House partners, Jerome Fletcher – Associate Professor of Performance Writing at Falmouth University – as an example of writing ‘off the skin’ in relation to tattooing and writing ‘on the skin.’ A digitally-treated drum kit plays pre-recorded text on each strike of each drum, with each drum… Continue reading Text and Technology – Beating Out Language