Future Tourist sharing at Knowle West Media Centre

Future Tourist is a bus-tourthrough a near future Bristol, a live site-specific drama, and an online interactive experience.

In this future Bristol, city logistics such as transport, healthcare, waste and resource management are monitored and controlled by computer and the ‘Active Citizen’s programme’ encourages people to proactively provide direct feedback. The Future Tourist bus tour is specifically designed to encourage young people (16+) to become part of the system, to become Active Citizens.

But it isn’t a smooth ride. Someone is asking difficult questions. Who designed the system? Who owns the city data? Who else can access it? What happens if you give the wrong information or ask the wrong question? What was that diagnostic test really about? And what happens if you get flagged as a Griefer?

This is a public development stepfor the project allowing PECo to share its intentions for the project, test some elements of interactivity with invited participants…  who will be Active Citizens! – and to gain valuable feedback.

PECo will be sharing the results of this event on the Engine House viewing chamber.

To find out more about this project and the ways in which you support and get involved please contact: alexis@partexchangeco.org.uk