The Devonport Guildhall Tours

The Devonport Guildhall Tours were fun and accessible theatricalised guided tours of the newly renovated Devonport Guildhall.

The tours allowed the building to be the star performer whilst highlighting some of the more unusual aspects of the building and it’s inhabitants.

Commissioned for the grand re-opening of the Devonport Guildhall in 2010 after its extensive renovation by RIO [Real Ideas Organisation].

This show was a light hearted site-specific journey that took guests and local communities around their newly refurbished hall, introducing them to the regenerated building all set to become the heart of its community again after 40 years of disuse.

The Devonport Guildhall Tours were funded by RIO [Real Ideas Organisation] in association with Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership, Plymouth City Council and with the support of Zebra Collective, Chew TV, Attik Dance, Voice of Devonport and CoastNet.