Earthed Residency

‘The river wants me to stop and be quiet so I can listen more deeply. The river wants me to hear the wind moving through the leaves and the blades of grass softly brushing up against each other. The river knows that if you move slowly along the path you can hear everything that’s around you and everything that’s inside you. The river tells you not to ask where you are going but to follow its forward flow until you meet the sea.’

Participant’s poem, ‘River Writes’ workshop, Earthed Residency

In June 2014 as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week, Part Exchange Co were commissioned by Bristol City Council’s Create Environment Centre to take up residence for a week.

Local communities and the general public all worked alongside land artist Mick Petts and writer David Lane, as well as naturalists, geologists, archeologists, historians and others to unearth the stories, memories and knowledge lying buried in the adjacent Ashton Meadows green site. It resulted in a large-scale mown grass art piece that stayed in situ on the site for the rest of the summer.

The residency included a weekender of fun and inspiring workshops, talks, walks, an immersive exhibition and artists interventions, all encouraging people to get their hands and boots earthy and imaginations firing.

Exploring the connections between the land and its stories and land art and creative writing, the Earthed Residency aimed to cultivate in all of us a deep connection to the well-being and enjoyment found in our relationship with the Earth.

See the Earthed Weekender leaflet here

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The Earthed residency was funded by Bristol City Council Create Centre and Big Green Week with support from Riverside Garden Centre, Bedminster Cricket Club, Friends of Greville Smyth Park [FROGS], Café Create, Bristol Ferry Co, HCCA, White City Allotments, Bristol Naturalists, Bristol Civic Society, The Post, Structural Soils, Bristol & Bath Archaeology Club, Bristol & Region Archaeological Services, BV Studios, BCC Harbour Office, Parks Forum, BCC Parks, Bedminster Tobacco Women, the Avon Wildlife Trust and the Bristol Records Office.

This was an Engine House seed idea developed with support from Arts Council England.