City of Threads

immerse . inform . transform

City of Threads is a new 12-part immersive podcast series by PECo Theatre, launching on 30th November 2020. 

Created by a team of visually impaired and sighted artists, collaborators and participants, City of Threads invites you on a journey into the city as seen through the perspectives of its visually impaired citizens, a place of sensory delights, navigational intricacies, challenges, dangers and shared discoveries.

Each episode of the series will take you on journeys into the city, in the company of the V.I. travellers who took them, and immerse you in stories of love, loss, activism, community, resilience and friendship.

The podcast will challenge assumptions, reveal new understandings and ultimately ask us to reimagine how our cities are working for us all.

The use of immersive sound design transports you into the heart of the journey, enriching and transforming the listener’s own perceptions of the city through felt experience.

Project process:

The City of Threads podcast has been developed through a unique collaboration whereby a core devising group of VI and sighted co-creatives have been working with VI and sighted podcast and sound design professionals, developing and honing narrative, storytelling, sound design and broadcast skills, to enable a rich creative process to take place where participants and professionals shape and make these podcasts together.

Working together in this way has created a unique opportunity to learn from each other and review how we all make work. From sound designer to producer, graphic designer to marketing, we are all rethinking our usual practises when making work and experimenting with new tools and innovative approaches to create a process and a product that is accessible and inclusive for everyone.