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The Blind Person’s Podcast Making Kit Light Bulb Moment

Hi, my name is Jeff Daniels, it’s February 2020 and I am at Arnolfini, in Bristol with fellow core group members of the ‘City of Threads’ project. We are here […]

Sighted guide training

At PECo we have been working with visually impaired artists and core collaborators for over three years now developing our latest theatre project; an immersive multi-sensory journey into the city […]

Dark City compiled VI resources and Activites

     Contents   Support Groups + Organisations   Tools and Resources   Social and Activity Groups   Arts and Cultural Venues + Organisations   Intro: Prepared by PECo Theatre as part […]

Dark City outreach final session

PECo Theatre’s final Dark City session took place on 23rd May.   It was such a special event and we are very grateful to everyone who attended for being so […]

Dark City

[image of the universe with the pupil of an eye at its centre] Dark City There is a city intimately stitched within the city. When you walk your streets, you […]