Redcliffe Seniors Community Theatre Collective

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Venue: Faith Space, Prewett Street, Redcliffe, BS16PD.

Day: Thursday  Time: 3-5pm Price: Free

Autumn term begins September 14th 2017

If you are 50 or over, living, working or playing in the Redcliffe area or associated with it in some other way, and fancy getting involved, then come and join us.

No previous experience required. Come for one as a try out! All welcome.

Activities will include: community story gathering, being a core collaborator developing performance ideas and script with a theatre writer and director, finding out about marketing, digital, backstage and other aspects of developing site-specific performance.

Contact to book a place and find out more.

More info

The Redcliffe Community Theatre Collective is funded by Bristol Ageing Better and is in partnership with Redcliffe care, over the last two terms participants have been introduced to a wide range of creative activities that have involved, theatre games, exercises and improvisations, exploring how to make site specific performance work and developing an idea for a piece of theatre inspired by the site of St Mary Redcliffe and the immediate neighbourhood.

The Redcliffe Seniors Theatre Collective is now seeking new members to help it put to put those ideas into action!

As a member of the collective you will gain new skills and experiences, make new friends and connections, discover all manner of things about the Redcliffe area you didn’t know before and you will be at the heart of making decisions about how the work develops and helping shape what it becomes.

There will be something for everyone whether as story collector, storyteller, community actor, core deviser or general supporter in other ways and you can get involved in all these activities or only one or two of them.