You and your work -Tom Price

Prior to starting work with PECo theatre on the St Mary Redcliffe project we asked Tom to tell us a bit about himself, his work and what makes him tick, creatively speaking.

Who are you and what form does your artistic practice take?

I’m a human called Tom Price. My practice takes the form of light on objects, controlled with captured video and creative abstract movements, often technologies to explore ideas.

Why and how did you start this sort of work?

At Art College I become interested in the moving image drawn to a stock of abstract/experimental videos in the library. I found myself engaged in alternative ways of creating imagery and telling stories. This is when I first began experimenting with stop motion and under camera analogue techniques. Me and another member of Limbic Cinema then began experimenting with projections in a club setting where we could play our experimental films and others we liked to a large audience.

What contexts do you tend to work in and with whom?

A lot of my work revolves around the music world, festival stages and gigs. There are also public spectacles that are usually to do with a celebration, The Bristol Old Vic 250th celebration for example. Also the odd theatre piece. To whom I work with, 3 other artist as Limbic Cinema mostly.

What’s your most significant moment of learning as an artist?

I could not give a specific moment, the area of technology I like to work in involves constant learning, new possibility, new techniques, new ideas. So perhaps the most significant moment could be asserted as the moment of learning the importance of continued learning… and this is always inherent in us all.

How do you feel your artistic practice fits within the bigger picture?

I think the idea of creating a spectacle, large-scale projection mapping or a mysterious technology that is altering your vision of reality which, imbued with meaning and positive ideas, can shift how people view the world and treat others. At the heart of my practice there is a deep belief in bettering humanity in any way possible, that bigger picture is always visible. The reality of life and the need to survive however sometimes get in the way of this.