Sammy Weaver

  • 24th January 2016

Sammy is an award nominated poet interested in collaborating across creative disciplines, who has had her work read, performed and published. During her degree in Anthropology she studied the anthropology of architecture, landscape, temporality and memory, exploring the materiality of memory in a variety of settings – the Berlin wall, Stonehenge, Belfast – and studied the work of visual artists such as Antony Gormley and Lucy Orta as starting points to explore phenomenology of place. Last year she was involved in an oral history project in Old Market, Bristol, collecting stories and memories of the area in order to creatively chart cultural change throughout the 20th Century. She has also recently started a new job with the Reader Organisation, coordinating their reading groups for wellbeing across Somerset. These various experiences have taught her the creative and therapeutic value of people feeling able to share their stories. That it is through this process that the unseen and unheard places are brought to life.

Sammy is working as writer on the seed ideas – Sentient City and Hidden City Writers in Residence – part of Bristol Doors Open Day on 12th September 2015.

‘Much of my writing is concerned with memory of place in all its manifestations. I often write from paintings and find much inspiration from the translation of ideas, feelings and memories across mediums and I am very excited by the Sentient City project. I think poetry is a great form to explore how buildings can have a voice and how the lived experience of a building can inform rhythm, form and sounds within language.  Poetry allows language to morph and grow out of that which it speaks about – rather than simple representation.  As poetry is so sound/ image based it does fit well with collaborating across art forms. I would love to explore the idea of poems as sound pieces that speak out from specific places.’