We are interested in how inspiration is sparked and new ideas begin so we created a space to share some of that with you. We also want to share inspiring content from others, so do contact us if you have something you feel is worth sharing on the mercurial nature of ideas and creativity at:

  • Dark City compiled VI resources and Activites
         Contents   Support Groups + Organisations   Tools and Resources   Social and Activity Groups   Arts and Cultural Venues + Organisations   Intro: Prepared by PECo Theatre as part of the Dark City project, this document provides a […]
  • Dark City Q&A – Holly and Rachel
      At a visual impairment accessibility lecture, attendees find events interrupted by a voice that hijacks the airwaves of the audio describe headphones they are wearing, calling them to action. The Dark City is in peril. Whole areas are […]
  • Sikka Magnun – Video Installation Inspiration
    Thom Buttery audio visual artist on JUlian Trust Night Shelter project recommends Sikka Magnum by Daniel Canogar; ‘I really like the process of digital recycling, re-appropriating your own or others material to give it a new meaning or context, […]
  • John Hull on Blindness and Memory
    This fascinating and articulate talk is a unique insight into one man’s experience of his blindness and how his visual memories were slowly replaced by ‘three dimensional, non-sighted, whole body images’ and the impact this had on the way he experiences the […]
  • A new era in Earth’s story
    When developing a story about humanity’s relationship to the Earth – see Earthed, The Tree’s Tale – we find ourselves working with earth time not human time where sentences = centuries and chapters = epochs. Have a read of this article […]
  • Notes on Blindness
    We went to see this powerful and beautifully put together documentary about the journey of one man into blindness as part of preparation for our upcoming RNIB project.[part of our Sentient City programme] The use of sound and image was […]
  • Alessandro Acquisiti on why privacy matters
    Thought provoking talk on personal data, privacy and the internet. Source material for our Future Tourist ideas.
  • More Earthed inspirations
    photo of forest around Dro by Krista Burane ‘This kind of engagement with landscape is an engagement with deeper notions of time than those we are conventionally accustomed to. Our guides tell us about the way in which local […]
  • Sound of Snow and Ice
    More inspirations for our RNIB project [Sentient City], this time from composer, producer, musician Joe Acheson, about the incredible work of a school for the visually impaired in Finland that teaches children how to use sound as a means to explore their […]
  • Snowdon, surveillance and society
    Hard to believe Edward Snowdon has been in exile from the ‘Free World’ for three years. Here he asks, in a calm and measured way, what kind of society do we want to live in and why Obama should pardon him. Useful […]
  • Bristol Is Making a Smart City for Actual Humans
    We’re working on a project that’s looking at the perils and promise of pervasive technology, This article from Wired magazine shows how Bristol’s a forerunner on the promise front.  
  • The Strange World of Urban Exploration
    We’re developing our Sentient City project, celebrating and revealing forgotten and hidden away buildings and spotted this article in the Guardian, have a read, exciting stuff!
  • Losing the Earth’s Languages
    This incredible article from The Guardian demonstrates the deep links between ecological diversity and cultural diversity, examining the loss of languages in relation to shrinking habitats and the necessity of a healthy biosphere to assist healthy cultural output.
  • Seed Ideas – Sentient City
    Sentient City expands on an original concept devised by Part Exchange Co in 2011 for its performance event, Drive in Deco; – that buildings are sentient, absorbing and retaining significant changes and events in their own lifetimes as well as […]
  • Super Everything – Inspiration for Sentient City
    Tom Lumens shared this piece as the pinnacle of the audio-visual-narrative artform. ‘This type of live cinema shares similarities with much abstract art, in that it gives you motives, snippets and elements and you create your own narratives or […]
  • Floods Unearth Forest Myths – Earthed
    4,500 year-old trees were revealed in Cardigan Bay following the incredible winter storms, giving rise to physical evidence which links to the legend of the lost city of Cantre’r Gwaelod. This news item directly fed into our thinking regarding how a myth […]
  • Edward Snowden Talks Data Collection – Future Tourist
    In days gone by the US government used to go to a judge, outline a case and receive permission to investigate an individual by tracing their data. Now, they’ve decided it’s a good idea to collect everything from everybody before […]
  • The Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Earthed
    “Gravity is a law of nature. Electromagnetism, the four forces—those sort of things are nature and they underpin all of growing nature. And so a garden is a really interesting place to speculate on the ultimate forces of nature […]
  • Seed Ideas – Earthed
    Rachel Aspinwall, Part Exchange Co and The Engine House’s Artistic Director writes about the seed idea and explains what inspired its inception. Earthed is a project to create a new earth sculpture on an epic scale on a piece of land […]